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February 21

When I first came to Jávea nearly 25 years ago, Jávea was littered with dead and dying cats everywhere…it was terrible and no one was doing anything about it. They just kept breeding, and so many cats were deformed due to interbreeding. It was very bad and most unhealthy for the folks living here.

Today the situation has clearly changed. One does not see sick or dead cats around, and the occasional feral cat that visits me has been neutered, looks very healthy and keeps my garden free of rodents .

One day recently, a lost kitten arrived in my kitchen and my cat-loving neighbours from the JFCA came here, and took this kitten and returned it to its very worried rightful owners.

This is due to the excellent work that I see Jávea Feral Cats Association does in our community and I am amazed at the dedication of the volunteers and the work they do without funding. They are a massive benefit to our community and I applaud all that they do.

Please forward this letter to any others you know who might be interested in this group.

Thank you
Capt Peter Langley DFC. RAF retd.

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