Electricity bill shocker


December 13, 2017

Dear Sir,
I am amazed at the high price of electricity. There is so much fraudulence going on. I have written to electricity boards for years about this and nothing has improved to stop it.
Isn’t it about time all electric meters were outside the homes and not inside where the owners are able to alter the meter readings without being detected, as the “meter reader” does not enter the property and is given false readings should the owner happen to be at home when he shows up.
This happens under our very eyes, especially in the campo. Us paying clients subsidise these electricity thieves.


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  1. They will be in for a shock very shortly as Smart meters will be fitted in every house, villa and apartment etc.
    and they don’t require a reading to be given by the owner as it is transmitted to the Electricity supplier automatically. Chuckle, chuckle.

  2. I wish they would dump that stupid electric limit system thats cuts out eat time you hit a certain ampage..
    Plus what about water meters.. They are so insecure being away from the villas allowing anyone to tap into your supply by just unscrewing it.


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