Disability discrimination

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September 25


Three years ago I applied for a disabled parking badge for my husband who has advanced Parkinson’s disease and dementia. We were refused, so in March this year we appealed as he is declining rapidly.

Medical doctors say he must use a wheelchair as he is unsafe walking, cannot use a walker or a walking stick due to the nature of his disease.

He cannot dress or feed himself, most days and his speech is unintelligible. He needs 24-hour care, the neurologists agree he should have a parking badge.

The GP has said this is now urgent but still we have been refused. Since Brexit we don’t have the same rights as the rest of Europe; there are people in our village who go back to their EU country and get a badge when they can walk perfectly well.

We need the British authorities to apply pressure for all disabled Brits or for all of Europe to apply the same standards when issuing these badges.

I don’t know how much more disabled you have to be but think it will make an interesting campaign for your newspaper.


PS. I wonder if you could ask people to sign my petition? Here is the link https://chng.it/pGGTDFZh44

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