Correos delivery backlog causes chaos

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September 24

Good afternoon,

A little positive outcome. I am a citizen of Moraira-Teulada of 22 years and have had to cope with the vagaries of the Correos system over the years.

However, this year was worse than usual. In July I lost my purse containing SIP card (easily replaced) but also bank debit cards for Banco Santander in Moraira, HSBC UK in England as well as membership cards.

Fortunately, I had taken photocopies of all cards and was able to arrange with the banks for replacement cards to be sent. In the meantime my UK cheque book was exhausted and would be replaced automatically as it expired. I was given the telephone number and name of the sorting office manager with whom I spoke regularly. He was apologetic but said he had no-one to help him with the sorting or delivering of the mail.

Two weeks ago, I was then advised by a local business (Currencies Direct) to obtain the Generalitat Valenciana complaints form (Hoja de Reclamaciones) from the Correos office in Moraira. This is a four-page document which when completed, top white copy is to be sent to the GV office in Alicante, the next two pages yellow and pink are to be given into the Correos office when posting the letter to Alicante and the last green copy to be kept by the complainant. Miraculously, the very next day my threemonths mail appeared in my post box!
This may be of some help to your readers!

Apparently all businesses in Valencia have to hold a pad of these GV complaints forms, though not usually on display and must be requested. I had completed Correos’ own hoja de reclamaciones on August 21 – typed by a Correos office employee onto a computer. Apart from an automatic response acknowledging receipt of the document there had been no direct response.

Yvonne Keir (old and deaf!)

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