Dirty Orihuela Costa



July 27, 2016


I have just read the full-page press release re the cleaning in Orihuela Costa.

First of all, to be told this at the end of July is ludicrous. In five weeks the busy period will be over.

It is also ridiculous that a council takes a full-page ad in a newspaper to announce the streets will be cleaned. This should be done routinely and as part of the normal maintenance throughout the year.

Councillor Grao says we are making every effort to solve the problems that occur each year in the summer season due to lack of resources. Yes, Councillor Grea, the summer does happen every year. So why do we not have resources in place? Orihuela Costa is a disgrace all year, not just in summer. We pay a lot in taxes and see nothing for it. The only thing the council do is give out permission for more and more houses, which we need like a hole in the head. All this money goes to the city.

I would like to ask the councillor who authorised bike lanes on a pavement? I have never seen such a stupid idea. In La Zenia this bike lane passes a nursery. Will the council pay compensation to any pedestrian walking on the pavement or should they now walk in the road. This is lunacy!

The new school in Playa Flamenca after years is due to open. Have the council given any thought to the lack of parking, the bike lane that few use as you need to get off your bike and the narrow bridge hardly suitable for two cars never mind buses. This is an accident waiting to happen with so many children.

I assume the taxpayers paid for this press release!

Stop all this nonsense and do the job you were elected to do, clean the streets, etc. This year has been terrible with cockroaches and rubbish everywhere.

I cannot see this ever changing until Orihuela Costa goes independent.

Ian Fairbairn

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