‘A Loyal Friend’


Put down your crown and sceptre
Your orb and mantle fine
You’ve earned your rest
You’ve stood the test
A Queen proud and divine
So many years of service
With elegant regard
No monarch has shown such reserve
Or worked so very hard
Dutiful in times of stress
A countenance so calm
An ethic to continue work
With every ounce of charm
Dealing with her grieving heart
With a Pagliacci smile
Not faltering to show her loss
Or weeping a short while
And now she joins her husband
In God’s palace in the skies
Her royal duties now passed on
With the closing of her eyes
God Bless you Queen Elizabeth
You’ve left shoes hard to fill
But you’ve also left a son and heir
To inherit your strong will.
Let’s hope he proves himself to all
And makes a worthy King
Adored just like his mother
And in touch with everything
Palaces and riches
Count for nothing in the end
But true leadership and honesty
Made our Queen a loyal friend.

By David Whitney, Torrevieja© 2022


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