‘Bucket Full of Love’

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December 9

“I want to post some water”
The little child had said
“I’ll also post my dinner”
If a starving child is fed
He’d seen a film on telly
Of the plight of many folk
Of little children hungry
With their faith entirely broke
The post office was crowded
The people quite amused
But the little lad was serious
And stood there quite confused
“Why can’t I post some water”
He asked again with pride
He had a bright red bucket
Full of water by his side
The people realised
The little lad was undeterred
So they gathered a collection
Once they’d heard his every word
The post clerk took the bucket
And the money in his hand
And gave the child a post receipt
So he would understand
That his water would be posted
Though disguised as actual aid
To a country famed for poverty
Where new water pipes are laid
A little child with one big heart
And love for those in need
Showed what can be done for others
When you don’t rely on greed.

By David Whitney

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