British expats asked to help with university final dissertation

April 24
My name is Elizabeth Large and I’m a student at the University of Alicante, in the final year of my degree.
I’m currently writing my final dissertation (Trabajo de Fin de Grado o TFG) in the field of political science.
The specific theme is a study conducted with a survey on the overall or general perception in people from the United Kingdom who are currently living in Alicante, Spain of Brexit.
The survey is anonymous, with general questions to evaluate if they feel it could have an overall negative or positive impact on their daily lives and only takes a few minutes to complete.
It’s designed in a google forms format, so it is quick and simple to complete and submit.
I wanted to kindly ask for your cooperation with my study and hoped it would be possible for you to share the survey or post it on your Facebook page, with the aim to obtain as many responses as possible to get optimum results.
I deeply appreciate any help or support you may offer, I have placed below the link for the survey: Bm7m5Nwy9-d-o0Q/viewform
I remain at your disposal and look forward to receiving a response
Best regards
Elizabeth Large

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