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January 3

Dear Editor,

A cardboard box 30 x 26 x 15cm was dispatched from the UK to us in Pinoso. It was sent by our daughter and contained presents home made by our grandchildren.

It had a set of table mats and coasters printed with the kids’ favourite animals. A simple photo frame held a school photograph of them in their uniforms.

Two Christmas cards designed by them and printed at school were included. The spare space was filled with bubble wrap and a few bags of toffees.

The declared monetary value on the box was £40.

We had previously discussed with our daughter that Brexit might involve import charges here.

She, in turn, mentioned this to the post mistress in the UK. She was told that a combined cost of £35 would cover all taxes, duties etc to deliver it.

When it arrived at the Correos office in Pinoso we had to pay €15 to receive it! €15 is about £12.70 at this week’s exchange rate; a total of £47.7 for delivery! Sending £40 worth of goods via Parcel Force and Correos exceeds the value of the goods!

Can you or any of your readers provide a breakdown of the new charges to explain the Brexit overhead so that we can estimate future costs?

Cliff Bell

Hi Cliff, we will look into this to see if we can find some answers. However, the fact that the Post Office in the UK was not able to give a correct breakdown of costs does not fill me with confidence.

The Editor

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