Bar terrace ‘misters’ and Covid-19


July 11

On cycling along Calle Gerona in Benidorm this week, I was rather worried to see that some of the British bars that have reopened are using ‘misters’ on their terraces, which is also blowing out huge amounts of water vapour onto the street.

Having been told repeatedly that Covid-19 is thought to be transmitted in small water droplets, I would have thought these would not be permitted to be used at the moment. It would only need one person with the virus to be sitting in these terraces and potentially these ‘misters’ would spread infection in all directions.

I hope that you can look into this matter with some urgency, so that we can help to keep Benidorm safe for all our residents and much wanted visitors.

With regards
Lynne Maunders

Dear reader:

All establishments have to undergo strict protocols regarding safety and hygiene under the current Covid-19 ‘new normality’ regulations and it seems apparent these ‘misters’ are not disallowed just as air conditioning units aren’t. ‘Misters’ use treated water which should not contain the virus, although there is no absolute certainty as to how the virus spreads as the WHO has admitted. Wearing a face mask unless you are specifically eating or drinking seems to be the best advice in these times, although it is not compulsory (at the moment) if a distance of 1.5metres can be kept with others.

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