Mask disappointment


July 15

After looking at your article about La Marina free designer masks, my friend and I visited La Marina and both spent over 50 euros but there was nobody in attending the info desk and also none of the shop assistant knew anything about this so unfortunately we had to leave with all receipts as you advised to keep with no designer masks, could you please inform La Marina about this please.

We are two disappointed shoppers….

Patricia Gibson

PS: We live inland about an hour’s drive and after telling my friend about your offer I must admit I felt awful after telling her about this offer…

Dear reader:

The promotion was announced on the site on July 6 and published in all local and regional Spanish media too.

On July 7, the Portal de La Marina also published it on their Facebook site with the following information: Just come to the centre, choose the one you like best and wear it by presenting one or more accumulative purchase tickets of more than 50€ * at the point of information.

But fast!, it’s a limited edition and you’ll run out of yours.

(Promotion valid while supplies last. Limited edition of 250 units. Tickets can be accumulative to reach €50 purchase and date between July 6 and 31 at the establishments of the Portal de la Marina Mall except Carrefour)

Our reporter has also spoken to a shopping centre representative who gave a series of reasons for you not being able to collect your mask.

She told us the shopkeepers wouldn’t know anything about it because it was a shopping centre promotion, not linked to individual stores. Secondly, you may have gone at the information desk when it was closed (open from 11.00 to 14.00 and 17.00 to 20.00 on weekdays, and 10.00 to 22.00 on weekends) – if this was not the case, maybe the person attending the desk had to leave for a few minutes. Eventually, we were told that masks ‘may have’ run out although she could not confirm this was the case. But we were told that if the customers keep the receipts, Larouch is due to launch another set of masks and their receipts will be valid for these. You can contact the shopping centre on or by phoning them on 965 766 780 and explain, and the shopping centre would ‘see what it could do’.

We hope this will be of assistance.


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