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October 13

Dear Sir,

The article by Alex Watkins in last week’s CBNews regarding the latest decree placing empty houses, owned by large-scale real estate holders, onto the market must surely stimulate another much needed change in governmental thinking.

I am of course referring to the ludicrous situation of the present law which, while enticing foreigners to invest in a home in Spain, also condones and even encourages people to break into those same homes either to squat or, in many instances, to sell the keys of those properties to potential squatters!

Perhaps the government is now beginning to accept their responsibility towards its citizens as, as stated by Valencia’s vice- president, Monica Oltra, in the article, ‘Housing is one of people’s basic rights’, which must include the rights of the homeowner being protected too.

I wonder what the much-vaunted EU Court of Justice thinks of one of its states using the legal homes of expatriots/immigrants to resolve its problem of too few affordable homes for its youth?


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