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June 28

Dear Editor,

I was interested to read the letters in this week’s copy of the CL News regarding the AZ vaccination. I am in my mid 60s, am on the list for the AZ vaccine but have yet to have my first inoculation, let alone my second.

On two visits to my local health centre to ask when I am likely to get my jab I have each time been told the same, ‘someone will ring you’, and on asking ‘when?’ all I got was ‘I don’t know ‘.

All very frustrating and annoying as my partner and friends around my age have already had both their jabs (but Moderna and Pfizer as opposed to AZ).

All I want to have is a timeline for the jab, next month or August or sometime this year… does anyone know?

The fact that people are now wandering around without masks makes it more concerning that I am as yet unprotected. I know that there are others in this position and with similar concerns but it is still very perturbing that more than half way through the year I still have no idea when I will get the jab!

Kind regards,
Patricia Philson

Hi Patricia,
There is a huge amount of information about the vaccination process at the regional health department webpage
This can be found under the section ‘portal vacunación’.
You can update your contact details there if you feel they might be out of date.
They also give a helpline number for queries, which is 900 300 555
I hope this helps.
The Editor

Web comment
July 6

Dear Editor,
Many thanks to your response to my letter regarding the AZ vaccination. I checked the website that you mentioned and also phoned the helpline number. Sadly they were both of no help whatsoever ! Neither could tell me when people like me, as yet unvacinnated but over 60 and on the AZ list, will be receiving our first dose.

Will there be enough doses left over from giving the second doses to give the first dose? Does anyone know?

What if there are no spare doses, how long will we need to wait for a new batch? Will anyone tell us?

Sorry if I seem to be venting but this is a very aggravating situation when no-one can give me any information, except ‘ I don’t know…’.

Kind regards,
Patricia Philson

Dear Patricia, please see our story on page 4 for more information about the AstraZeneca vaccine and increased deliveries.
The Editor

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