Bid to shut Murcia-San Javier airport


MURCIA regional government is again negotiating the closure of Murcia-San Javier airport with the ministry of public works.

Full story in tomorrow’s Costa Blanca News (south edition).

Read more in this week’s print edition or go to e-paper

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  1. Please do not close airport somuch money spent on fantastic improvements to this airport, so convenient for people in Los Alcazares area

  2. Some one has spent millions improving this lovely small and very friendly airport it’s so easy for getting in and out please. Don’t close it

  3. This is a fantastic airport and facility its frankly simple and efficient, please do not close it as we have been using it for many years with Ryan Air

  4. This is a fantastic airport, as I understand it is financially viable and a great asset to the area. Much more convenient than Alicante and the planned Corvera Airport. Two budget airlines fly into Murcia from the U.K. And if I’m not using one I’m using the other and they rarely have spare capacity or are empty. Time for the uncertainty of this lovely little airports future to be decided once and for all for the sake of workers and passengers alike.

    • Lynn, is this not a little greedy of you? If they build the airport at Corvera too then the people there will want the same as you. If an airport does not make money then how will it stay open? We have enough airports as it is and the airlines are fickle (just look at what Ryanair did in France in Rodez). I dont take planes as they are boring to travel on and use tax-free fuel so contribute to resource depletion and climate change. They are not ‘cheap’ as they do not pay the externalities that society pays for….health costs, pollution costs, congestion costs around airports etc. Would you be pleased if they kept opening up new airports all over Spain just so that passengers could avoid queues and waiting? Thats the price of travelling by plane.

  5. An airport so easy to use all amenities there so relaxing no chasing up and down aisles to find your flight staff there are polite This airport is an asset to the area, if Alicante is to be used more road traffic will be onthe roads especially anyone staying south. Please keep this open!!


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