Bars and restaurants can open on Monday


The new rules governing the reopening of the economy in the Valencia region were published in the regional official bulletin (DOGV) this morning.

The measures come into effect at 00.00 on March 1.

This means that bars and restaurants can open on Monday.

They can only operate as ‘outdoor venues’ using terraces only. They will have to close at 18.00, with a maximum of four people allowed at a table.

The DOGV notes that they can only operate at 75% of total capacity.

Tables must be at least 1.5 metres apart.

Clients can only eat or drink at a table.

They have to wear a face mask when they are not consuming.

Customers can only enter the interior to use a toilet, while wearing a face mask.

Full report on all the measures in today’s Costa Blanca News – available from supermarkets, tobacconists/newspaper shops and online at

Read the 10 pages of the DOGV on the measures at


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