The Rosado report


As I’ve said before, personally I don’t consider rosé wine to be a seasonal drink. For me, its often delicate nature, its tantalising perfume, its light red fruits, its varying shades, its adaptability re pairing and its sheer prettiness in the glass make it an all year round beverage.
Others take a different view, and the beauty is that we are all correct – for us! So, with a slight bias today, against me, but for those who generally start to think Rosado only when the warmer weather comes along, with its long sunshine hours, this is the first of my two, or three, Rosado reports.
Most (but not all) Rosado in Spain is made using black grapes, those grape varieties which would be destined for red wines, were it not for the fact that the maceration period (time when the skins are kept in contact with the juice) has been deliberately cut short. When left with the juice the skins impart their colour into it – the longer, the darker red the resulting wines, the shorter the lighter red, the pinker.

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