Proving an old proverb wrong(ish)!


The old proverb – ‘You can’t teach and old dog new tricks.’
The meaning – please read on!
I’m writing this article the day after my first somewhat nerve-jingling first radio programme on Total FM 91·8 and live to several different countries at
Readers will perhaps know that I’ve been a guest on many different radio shows over the 19 years I’ve been writing about wine, here in Spain. As an ex-bingo caller; MC of various social events; and teacher – talking to an audience has never bothered me. Indeed I have presented many wine tastings as well as guiding countless coach trips and bodega visits – always with a crowd of people, and whilst I’m not saying I’m expert at it, I am experienced and I’m not nervous about being in the limelight.
Critics would say this is because I have a big mouth; supporters might say it’s because I have a confidence born of a reasonably good subject knowledge. Perhaps, it’s a combination of both!
So a radio programme of my own has been a goal of mine for several years now. The guest appearances I’ve made have always been with bottle of wine in one hand and glasses in the other – the perfect balanced diet really! Needless to say the hardworking presenters were usually delighted, if not to see me particularly, then certainly to see the wine.

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