Oh what a surprise for the BBC


Some three and a half years and approximately £10million later, the final version of many drafts of Dame Janet Smith´s review of the Incredible story about Jimmy Saville´s time at the BBC is to be published on 25th February.
Why has it taken so long for this report to be made public? Apparently, is has been ” leaked” showing what can only be described as incredulous, that the BBC were not responsible for covering up what is widely regarded as common knowledge within the BBC, as to the goings on of Jimmy Saville and Stuart Hall. Even though they knew about the problem and did nothing, they are not accountable.
What a surprise with the BBC´s Charter up for renewal. I wonder if it was not up renewal for say another 12 years if the report would have been so kind to the BBC. I think not, as they would have had time to make repairs to the damage it caused. Time, and of course time being the important factor here as many would have virtually forgotten it had ever happened, apart from the victims themselves.
What a sorry state of affairs Britain has become, bureaucratic non culpability seems to be the most important issue with these institutions.
Perhaps it is time for a major shakeup of the rules and regulations governing public bodies. Every time you hear of new regulations coming in regarding them, they seem to introduce rules that only benefit themselves, the institutions, and make it harder for the general public to actually do anything correctly. “We were not informed” does not cut it anymore. They should have asked the questions.
Most members of the public will give honest information to these institutions when asked for, basically because I do not think anyone knows anymore what information they require, apart from almost professional claimers who seem to know the system inside out and abuse it, making it more difficult for the ordinary person, who has worked all their lives and has never studied, and I use that word precisely, the system.

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