Post-Brexit wine woes?


I’m writing this on the 1st February, 2020, the day that the UK cut loose from the European Community, to sail a different, as yet uncertain course. Good luck to her, and all who sail in her!
Ok, colours to the mast time – I’m firmly pro-Remain, and continue to be so, now that all seems lost to many of us, believing, and hoping, that one day, perhaps in my lifetime, the UK will re-join the EU. However, I have friends who argue from the opposite side of the great Brexit divide. We disagree, but that doesn’t alter our friendships. ‘Discuss’ is a better word than ‘argue’!
So, in the spirit (that’s a better word – I need a strong drink!) of impartiality, I’d like readers this week to please put aside differences in ideology and consider the current difficulties of European winemakers, in general, and, of course, specifically those of Spain. Facebook Colin Harkness
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