Mine’s a not so swift half, please


Recent dreadful events here on the Costa Blanca have reminded us once again about the possible consequences of drinking and driving. There is no doubt, alcohol impairs one’s ability to drive. So, when we go out to dinner, we make sure that the designated driver stays below the legal limit. I’m sure we all do.
When it’s my turn – it’s tough, I admit it, because I like wine, claro! But, it could be a little more pleasant, if only the one glass of wine I allow myself over the length of a restaurant dinner, is a good one! Now, bearing in mind that it is almost always just the one house wine that is served by the glass, how often do you think I drive home happy and satisfied! Yep, very rarely!
I’ve banged on about the paucity of decent house wines in restaurants several times, so this isn’t going to be a case of ‘same old, same old’ – I promise! However, this week’s article could be construed as another restaurant moan – though I would rather it was considered as it actually is, a piece of constructive advice, a suggestion to please all.

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