Les verres de vin, en France!


I could hardly wish for a better location to write this week’s Cork Talk! I’m sitting on the banks of the River Vezere, in Périgord Noir about an hour out of Perigueux in the stunningly beautiful countryside, a five-minute walk from one of those wonderful, charming villages that France does so well!

Fifty metres to my right an old stone bridge traverses the river, under which swim the local trout joined by the occasional canoeist, who has either fallen out of the canoe, lost a paddle or simply decided to cool off for a while. But there’s the rub – malheureusement, these days injuries mean I can no longer canoe! However, that doesn’t stop the rest of the family, nor would I want it to, so I find that I have time to write an article – everyone’s a winner (something I used say when working on the Bingo at Southport Fairground, all those years ago!).

But I digress! The eponymous ‘glasses of wine in France’ has a certain ambivalence. Each year we come to France, home to some wonderful wines of course, I am always astounded by the choice of wine glasses in so many restaurants and indeed, people’s homes (we mostly house swap)! As I’ve written before, it’s another French paradox. It’s so much more difficult to appreciate fine French wines when the only glasses you can find are the hopeless Paris goblets which, inexplicably, are so common!


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