New fines to halt virus spread


The Valencia government is set to approve a decree today (Friday) setting out a new fining regime to cover the regulations on the use of face masks brought in at the weekend.

Valencia president Ximo Puig said the new legislation will affect ‘businesses and associations’ which do not follow the rules, as well as members of the public.

The number of ‘active’ cases in the region has risen from 299 to 612 in the last eight days.

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  1. Please can one of your journalist team find out why the Valencian Health Minister has stated that face masks with valves are not permitted to be used by the public when they are the safest version if to FFP3 standard?

    The FFP3 masks have the best possible protection against exposure to Covid 19 and cost far more than the simple versions that most of the public are wearing.

    I would very much appreciate your team investigating the reasons why and advising the whole population of the Costa Blanca region, many of whom have purchased very expensive 3M masks with valves. Many thanks

  2. I don’t believe masks and more masks is helping. Think back and China has been using masks for years due to pollution. These are the same masks we have to wear more and more, yet they did nothing to stop the spread of CV-19 in China.
    Now because Spanish politicians have no idea what to do, its revert to more and more use of masks.
    Now I can walk down an empty street but must wear a mask, yet I can run or cycle breathing much heavier and don’t need one.
    I can’t walk the empty street without one, but can sit with 10 others for a drink, with another 10 just 1.5 m away, but nobody needs to wear one.
    All getting somewhat stupid.
    The state of alarm was actually so much better, at least things were consistent and importantly reviewed and needed supporting authorisation every 14 days

  3. It is good to avoid travel exclusively. Since people in general are not taking safety measures, the country as a whole will have to bear with it. Virus has no barriers or borders.


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