Craft beers in Benissa


When I first started teaching, September 1975, I hit it off immediately with my boss, Head of PE, Arthur Roberts, now, sadly no longer with us. An educated rough diamond, was Arthur – Front Row at Rugby, liked to win, and liked a pint too. Well, often more than two!

Whenever it was his round and he asked me what I wanted, I soon learned that it made no difference, he’d always come back with a Guinness for both of us, saying, “You don’t want to drink that rubbish, this is what you need!” Eventually, I realised he was largely right – in those days at least. Therefore, I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart for a drop of the black stuff.
Well, I wish Arthur was here to try the Stout, pictured above – he’d had loved it, and its baby brother, the same stout but without the barrel ageing that this one has clearly enjoyed. In fact, I’m pretty sure that Arthur would enjoy the whole range of beers from a new Dutch owned brewery, in Benissa ( I certainly did, and I learned my beer from Arthur!

In fact, Brouwhoeve has two homes: the showrooms, just off the N332 in Benissa, and the brewery on the industrial estate on the N332, between Benissa and Teulada. I’ve visited the former, and will do the latter as soon as it’s fully open. I understand there will be tastings and tours there, so I’m definitely in!  Facebook Colin Harkness

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