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Politically, it’s fair to say that I inhabit the middle ground. I abhor extremism, be it left or right. Blinkered allegiance to a political party is anathema, in my book. And the blind reading of the same, wholly biased, newspaper year in year out which is insidiously moulding readers’ views whilst simultaneously honing and strengthening those already held, oblivious to any other view, has to be folly.
I trust politicians, like I trust Football Club Chairmen (I use the generic term, I’m not sexist) who publicly express their confidence in their current Manager!
My news-feeds are: Sky, on the radio, and, via the internet: the BBC, the Guardian, the Times and the Telegraph (the Costa News goes without saying, of course!). I find some newspapers’ bias to be so repugnant that I will not read another word, nor use them to wrap my chips or light a fire, lest I’m seen with them!

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