Who’s your daddy?

James Hewitt

A MAN who looks uncannily like Prince Harry denied he is the father of the fifth in line to the throne. James Hewitt, a former lover of Princess Diana once again poopooed the persistent rumour about Harry’s paternity, a story he now hopes he has put to bed. He also told the host of Australian Channel Seven’s Sunday Night that he regrets ever speaking publically about her, ironically as he was yet again raking over his relationship with Chuck’s first wife.
It is very easy to take a dislike to Hewitt. His relationship with Diana was so special to him that he tried to sell his 64 personal letters from her for £10 million. In the early ‘90s he also worked with a writer on a grubby little book about the liaison. Then, in 2006, he appeared on a celebrity version of The X Factor, performing duets with Rebecca Loos. There, the British public was ‘entertained’ by a woman whose only claim to fame were the rumours of a dalliance with David Beckham and a man who came to public prominence for pleasuring the people’s princess. Classy.
Hewitt’s latest interview was broadcast ahead of the 20th anniversary of Diana’s death in Paris. Despite his ‘regrets’ about blabbing about her to all and sundry, I sincerely doubt the love rat is ready to let her rest in peace.

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