Stop the Presses! Female TV Presenter Has Legs

Helen Skelton during the BBC television coverage of the Rio Olympics

DURING recent coverage of the Rio Olympics the BBC’s Helen Skelton wore an above-the-knee dress and consequently the internet nearly broke. Some social media users were keeping at least one of their hands occupied by typing appreciative comments, while others complained the presenter’s choice of outfit was too revealing.
The ironic thing about the moaners was that the sport she was covering was swimming where competitors wear narrow strips of tight-fighting material that don’t leave a whole lot to the imagination.
Of course, people can express themselves how they want to on social media. What is so infuriating is that newspapers then decide to report on their musings, as they did in this case. At times, it seems parts of their editorial agendas are guided by the libidos of Twitter and Facebook users.
The media’s focus on Skelton’s skirt and legs is depressing, and undermines her abilities and presenting qualities. She is a talented and intelligent woman and very good at what she does. It’s these attributes that other journalists should be concentrating on, not trivialising her appearances by chiming in with the crowd and commenting on and letching over parts of her body.

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