Sexist and offensive front page


This week, the Daily Mail gave the newspaper buying public yet another reason why they should never soil their hands with this steaming pile of crap – the sexist and demeaning front page that focused on the legs of two of the UK’s most prominent female politicians.
When Theresa May met Nicola Sturgeon, the open sewer of a paper that once supported Hitler thought its readers would prefer to ogle at their legs instead. But the accompanying article didn’t just talk about their pins, dear me no, it went on to discuss their jackets too.
I have no idea whether the article was intended to be a light-hearted piece or set out to be deliberately offensive, but it had no place on the front page let alone in the 21st century. Sturgeon’s legs were described as “more flirty, tantalizingly crossed.” What the…!!! How utterly moronic to concentrate on their looks when they were talking about critical issues that will affect our future. Mind you, should we be surprised. The paper has a long history of looking at women through the lens of their appearance rather than their intelligence and accomplishments.
The Mail accused its critics of having a sense of humour failure over the front page. But there is nothing particularly funny about sexism. Seemingly, there are no depths to which the grotty rag won’t stoop and I despair of anyone who buys it.

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