Adele Gives Fan a Ticking Off


Good on Adele, the world-conquering chanteuse with the singing voice of an angel and the spoken voice of a cockney sparra. Last weekend at a concert in Italy she told a member of the audience to stop filming the gig. Let’s hope the fan got the message as well as every other person who attends a concert or theatrical performance.
Filming concerts on iPads and smartphones is not only disrespectful to the artistes, but also to fellow concertgoers who struggle to get a clear view of the stage because of a sea of technology.
YouTube is littered with thousands of hours of out of focus concert videos that sound like they were recorded in a dustbin. These people pay all that money to go to a gig, but only experience it hours later through poor quality pixels. The best recording equipment are your eyes and ears. So turn off the phones and take part in real life.

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