“Tourists, Spain awaits you from July” says PM

Pedro Sanchez addressing the nation today (Saturday) EFE/Moncloa

PM Pedro Sánchez has invited foreign holidaymakers to return to Spain from July. In a public address this afternoon, the PM clearly stated: “Tourists, Spain awaits you from July in safe conditions.”
Sr Sánchez made the announcement after aknowledging the importance tourism has for the economy of Spain – which was visited by over 80million foreign nationals in 2019.
He also stated the return of foreign holidaymakers will be under ‘safe health conditions’ and was clear: “The time has come, foreigners can start planning thier holidays.”
The announcement, included in his weekly address to the nation since the coronavirus crisis began, has been most welcomed by the Costa Blanca tourism industry, which is already preparing establishments to comply with the stricter health and safety requirements for both staff and guests.

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