How to take care of your dog’s coat with the arrival of cooler weather


Many of our clients, tend to say see you next year, when autumn arrives, as they believe that cooler temperatures mean their pets no longer need to be groomed, but contrary to popular believe in order to maintain their wellbeing it is really important to continue grooming your dog, as their coat is there to protect them from external elements such as sun, high temperatures and parasites.

Breeds that need monthly grooming are those with delicate hair or long haired breeds. If you cannot make it to the groomers you can take care of the grooming at home.

With every new dog that walks through our doors, the first thing we do is analyse their coat to ensure we provide the best care possible.

We do recommend that you brush your dog’s coat on a daily basis, as this will help along in the shedding stages they go through, and will ensure your household general cleanliness. As well as with humans, doggie’s combs come in a multitude of shapes and colours, just be aware you choose the correct one for your dog’s breed, to avoid damaging their skin while brushing them.

If you choose to bath your furry baby at home, you should seek advice from your groomer on the best shampoo, as with certain long haired breeds they benefit from a volumising shampoo.

We offer several services for your pets’ wellbeing, such as baths, trims, full haircuts, de-wooling or a complete hygiene service.  Routines such as cleaning the ears or nail clipping are very important for the health of the animal. In addition, some specific breeds require more detailed care such as cutting hair that hinders their everyday life, such as trimming hair from the face, ears or pads.

For these specific grooming techniques is always best to visit a professional, as most dogs find it extremely invasive, uncomfortable as well as stressful. At our shop, we always apply positive hairdressing techniques, which prioritise the tranquility of your pet over perfection.

If you have any questions about your dog’s domestic care, do not hesitate to contact us. In addition to grooming services, we are happy to advice about your pets’ health and hygiene without any commintment.



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