Four accessories for your pet this winter


The cold weather is just around the corner. You have probably already changed over the clothes in your wardrobe and got out warm clothing for inside your home, like blankets and dressing gowns. However, are all the family just as prepared?

Your pet also needs to be sheltered from the low temperatures of coming months, so we are going to review some accessories with so you can provide them with a very warm winter.

Outdoor dog house. In case you have a dog in a garden or a terrace, you provide it with a place to shelter on rainy or windy days. One of the best options is to get an Eco kennel, as its material is fully recycled and environmentally friendly. In addition, it is very light and practical to move or disassemble easily, and is specially designed to insulate your pet from the cold but it also maintains optimum ventilation at all times.

Warm mats or sleeping bags. Dogs need an average of 16 hours of rest a day, so choosing a comfortable bed is essential for their well-being. The mats are a great option because they are very wide and perfect for resting on a loose leg; If you combine them with a plush dog blanket, it will heaven for them! If you have a cat, on the other hand, there are also sleeping bag type beds that are ideal for cats, lined with faux fur, they can burrow into them. They are very comfortable and super warm.

Pet clothing. Many people believe that dogs and cats do not need to wear warm clothes, but who can resist a whim? There are many models, from hoodies to sweaters with the chic prints. In addition, some garments are really useful for winter, as is the case with dog raincoats for walks on rainy days or woolly sweaters for hairless cats. And, heading towards December, ther is nothing like accompanying the family with a red Christmas outfit.

If you liked these accessory ideas to welcome in the cold with your well-prepared pet, you can find them all and  much more, at all Maskokotas stores. Visit us at La Nucía, Ondara and Finestrat.


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