‘Tigers’ invade the city

Málaga health centres treating more bites from the aggressive mosquitos

The tiger mosquito has distinctive black-and-white striped legs and body (Photo: James Gathany/CDC)

HEALTH centres in parts of the city of Málaga have reported a sharp rise in the number of patients seeking treatment for mosquito bites. Experts say the culprit is a tiny insect which moves quickly and attacks close to the ground, with most victims suffering highly potent bites to their legs when outdoors.

Known as the ‘invisible mosquito’ because it is rarely seen before the bite is felt, it is thought to be the agile tiger mosquito which appears to have spread from its water habitat and started nesting in built-up areas. The city’s health centres at Puerta Blanca, Cruz del Humilladero, El Palo and La Roca have been reporting dozens of cases.

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