Prescription aid will continue next year


THE REGIONAL government is stumping up €44 million for 2023 to help ‘vulnerable collectives’ to pay for their prescriptions.

Vice-president in Valencia, Aitana Mas noted that the measure has been passed by the  regional parliament.

Sra Mas noted that the regional government has been providing the aid since 2016.

She said that it encouraged people to continue with treatments prescribed by the public health service and has ‘reduced the numbers of patients who end their treatments early’.

The contribution from the regional government ‘eliminates economic obstacles’ for vulnerable people, she added.

Sra Mas explained that €21.1M of the aid will go to pensioners; €11.6M for unemployed people; €5.8M for people with functional diversity; and €5.5M for children and adolescents.

Full story in Friday’s Costa Blanca News

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