Julián Muñoz gets his first weekend release from prison

Former Marbella mayor has been granted partial release due to health problems

Julían Muñoz (L) addresses members of the press while leaving prison last Friday (Photo: EPA)

FORMER Marbella mayor Julián Muñoz, who has been in jail for three years serving sentences for his convictions in the Malaya and other corruption cases, was released from prison last Friday on his first weekend pass since being granted access to a partial release programme due to serious health problems.

Last month the provincial court approved Sr Muñoz, 67, for ‘third grade’ prisoner status, which allows partial release, but the prison board had not yet granted him any release passes until a penitentiary court last week ordered it to do so immediately.

Upon leaving the Alhaurín de la Torre prison last Friday, Sr Muñoz was met by his two daughters and his lawyer. In brief statements to the press, he apologised to the people of Marbella and said he takes responsibility for his actions, though he “never consciously meant to do damage” to the city and its citizens. It echoed comments he has made at recent court appearances in the various ongoing corruption cases against him.

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