Dolphins endanger local fishing sector

Fishermen in Caleta de Vélez say hungry dolphins are destroying their nets

The 64-strong fleet based at Caleta de Vélez (pictured) has asked the council for help (Photo: N. Hock)

OPERATORS of fishing boats working out of Caleta de Vélez have asked Vélez-Málaga and Algarrobo town halls for help in coping with dolphins that have been destroying their nets and impinging on the economy of the sector. The 64-strong fleet based at Caleta is the most important on the Mediterranean coast of Andalucía in terms of overall catch size.

Crews say that, for the last two years, they have been struggling against the dolphins, which wait until the nets are full of fish, and then attack causing substantial damage as well as loss of the catch. A new net costs between €25,000 and €30,000, and the fishermen say they face addition costs for repairs and working time lost following damage.

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