‘Cuddle thieves’ caught


GUARDIA Civil have arrested two Romanian women (age 28 and 38) as they were about to ‘cuddle’-rob an elderly expat couple in La Senieta area of Moraira.
The two women has befriended the couple, but a Guardia Civil patrol spotted them putting their hand inside their car to open it – presumably to steal bags inside.

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    • Should deport half British to.
      Saw many like this and not just Romanian

      Lived in benidorm and out at the moment

      They do things about it it’s not all Guardia and hotel bar owners that let it go.

      I saw in “British bit” of benidorm

      People fighting and wrecking place discusting and people forget not just Romanian

      There’s English that’s out there that always on the crime scene to!

      Whole place should be wiped and give spanish home bk.


  1. It’s happening all the while in Benidorm. Nobody seems to do anything to deter it. Police,hotel staff, bar owners, all seem to turn a blind eye to it. Scarey place to visit now. Just back from a week there.Saw it happen, also heard what other holiday makers had seen or had been put through…. I will never visit there again, and will advise others not to bother either.

  2. Yeah but these Romanians have absolutely no morals who they rob older people who can’t defend themselves there a plague to Europe. Deport the lot because do they work in Spain majority is crime lazy to earn a good day’s work.


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