Socialists to allow PP rule

epa05598997 President of PSOE's management committee in charge of the socialist party since its leader Pedro Sanchez resigned, Javier Fernandez (R), and management committee member Ascension Godoy (L) chair the party's Federal Committee meeting held in Madrid, Spain, 23 October 2016. PSOE holds its Federal Committee to vote their next move ahead the investiture debate. The PSOE could decide to make easier the investiture of Rajoy from the People's Party (PP) or vote against him and force the celebration of new elections at the end of the year. EPA/SERGIO BARRENECHEA +++(c) dpa - Bildfunk+++

The Federal Committee of the PSOE socialist party yesterday (Sunday) voted in favour of abstaining during the second investiture vote scheduled for this week – a decision that will finally allow PP candidate Mariano Rajoy to be sworn in as PM for another term.

The decision was taken by 139 votes in favour and 96 against and was announced by temporary comission leader Javier Fernández (see photo).

The PP and Ciudadanos agreement will see their MPs vote in favour of Sr Rajoy, and with the PSOE abstention, the votes from all other MPs would not add up more than the PP-Ciudadanos coalition.

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