And what about us, Boris?


A VETERAN British MP has raised concerns that there is no reference to Britons living in Europe in Boris Johnson’s European Union (Withdrawal Agreement) Bill.
During the second reading of the Bill last Tuesday, Sir Roger Gale told the House of Commons: “I spent the greater part of last night reading the Bill and the explanatory notes. “I found reference to European Union citizens living in the United Kingdom and to Swiss nationals but, scour as I could, I found not one word of comfort for United Kingdom citizens living abroad in Europe.”

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  1. The conservative party and the brexit party are a disgrace to all uk nationals their unnecessary anti european stance , has made the uk a global laughing stock . Let’s face it they continue to lie and sell out to the extreme right,they live in the past,they should go and live there, and leave intelligent British nationals to enjoy and prosper from being part of the EU .

  2. Get a life 17.4 wanted out. Disgrace are the remainers who lost and ruined the country by not moving on. If you have moved abroad you moved abroad. We did not ask you to go. Grow up


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