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The arrival of 25 dogs in two weeks forces dog shelter to put out urgent appeal

Helen with some of the newcomers

BENALMÁDENA’S Fidelio animal shelter has issued an urgent appeal for help, after a recent influx of dogs and puppies has left the facility fit to burst and in desperate need of supplies and money.

One of the items most sought after by the shelter, bottles of bleach, only cost a few euros, but as Fidelio’s president Helen Williams told Costa del Sol News, they need lots of it and other types of disinfectant, to clean out floors and sleeping areas. She went on to explain that “it helps to keep the vets bills down” by reducing the amount of bugs and diseases the animals could pick up.

People wanting to help Fidelio can drop off bleach or other supplies such as food and towels at the shelter, on Camino de la Fuentezuela beside the bullring in Benalmádena Pueblo.

Helen added that people wanting to help financially can donate at the shelter or through the Benalmádena Animal Rescue Shelter Facebook page, and they can also contact her (617 710 109) to find out about paying bills directly at the vets used for treatment, located in Benalmádena and Churriana.

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