Greedy gits

Whenever I hear the word hypocrite it's always Bono's face that comes to mind, taxes are not just for the little people

One rule for the rich and to hell with everyone else. Wasn’t it ever thus? The Paradise Papers tax avoidance story is one of greed, pure and simple. The mega leak of millions of documents has revealed how the uber wealthy elite, their platinum-gilded snouts burrowed deeply into the trough get even richer through legal, but murky manoeuvres that rob the rest of society of money that could be spent on important things like hospitals, schools, roads and benefits for the needy. It’s an opaque world populated by pops stars, politicians, actors, royalty and business titans who use offshore accounting gymnastics to avoid paying their fair share.

One particular stomach-churning example is that of Bono, who in my mind deserves the riches that come his way for his musical output. He has more money than Midas could ever have wished for and if he never earned another penny his quality of life wouldn’t be affected one iota. Yet, he’s holding out for even mor

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