Summer walks part 4

Looking back along the Faja Basarán from the Tendeñera Pass

Bujaruelo back to Panticosa – Day 2

WAKING up in San Nicolas de Bujaruelo is an experience you will never forget. Even in high summer, the temperature drops considerably in the valley at night, with a cool wind channelled down from snowy peaks on the Spain/France border. The camping ground and refuge stand in a grassy meadow, next to the Ara River, surrounded by mountains that rise up to 3,000 metres. While it is very busy in August, a stay outside of this holiday month will see you enjoying the facilities without too much intrusion from the outside world. It’s hard to leave, but an early start is essential as there is a long day’s walking ahead.
The route lies to the left of the refuge. It’s a wide track heading back up the Bujaruelo Valley, but on the other side of the River Ara to the previous day. Before hitting the Puente de Oncins, bear left on the track to ascend towards the Otal Valley. It’s a winding cattle track and shortcuts can be taken up the banks. At the entrance to Otal, pass through a gate, then cross over a bridge to follow the Otal mountain stream on the right-hand side, heading along the verdant valley on the wide track towards the peaks in the distance, the highest of which is Tendeñera at 2,853 metres. Arrive at the mountain hut next to the stream in the green pasture. This is where the easy orientation for the day comes to an end.

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