What a load of rubbish

Striking bin men remain defiant as city's mayor hires private firm to clear some of piled-up refuse

A number of rubbish piles and bins around the city have been torched (Photo: EFE)

By Dave Jamieson

THE 10-day old strike by street cleaners and bin men in Málaga became more acrimonious than ever on Tuesday after the town hall engaged contract workers to clear some of the 4,000 tons of uncollected rubbish spilling onto the city’s streets.

Despite a heavy police presence, pickets followed the private lorries through the streets and to the municipal dump at Los Ruices. In the afternoon and evening, fire crews were called out to burning rubbish piles which had been set alight at several points across the city. At least two arrests have been made for the fires.

The town hall said the contractor was brought in to remove rubbish which was blocking pedestrian access and to avoid risk of fire, noting that if the strike continues, a public health risk could be declared by Friday, and a full clean-up ordered.

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