Virus surge reduction


Yesterday afternoon the regional health department reported that just 26 news cases of coronavirus had come to light in the Valencia region in the previous 24 hours – a sharp reduction in the rises reported on the previous two days.

None of these was in Alicante province.

This takes the total number of confirmed cases in the region to 541.

However, the death toll has risen from nine to 13.

A total of 12 people have recovered and been given the all clear.

There are 39 active cases in Castellón province, 186 in Alicante province, 304 in Valencia and 12 cases of people ‘who are not resident in the Valencia region’.

Of these, 135 are in hospital and 27 are in intensive care.

Councillor for health Ana Barceló called on residents to avoid visiting health centres so they don’t put healthcare professionals and vulnerable people at risk.

She asked people to reduce their visits to pharmacies for the same reason.

Sr Barceló noted that treatments for chronic diseases will be automatically extended for two months, meaning these residents will not have to visit their health centres to see a healthcare professional to do this.

People are asked to ring 900 300 555 if they think they have coronavirus and not attend health centres.

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