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May 16, 2016

I was wondering if you could help me. Back in either 1986 or 1987 there was a UFO sighting over the Vega Baja area – I saw it in Benijófar but it was allegedly seen by other Brits in different areas. As far as I can recall (I was eight or nine  at the time), no Spanish paper published anything about it; however either yourselves or a free paper did, about a week or so after it happened.

I can find no record of the incident online so was wondering if you have any way of checking past publications and retrieving the article. If my memory serves me right, the Brit article stated that the Spanish authorities had dismissed the incident as a “weather balloon going off course”. A weather balloon it definitely wasn’t!
I very much look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards
Alexandra Wilmot


Mrs Wilmot

Our editions for those years have not been included in our digital database yet, so we are unable to search for the article. However, we do have bound copies of all our editions since 1974 at our head offices in Finestrat that readers can consult on request. You’ll find the full address on page 2. We are unable to do this task ourselves, unless you could be a little more precise on the date of publications (two years means going through over 100 newspapers).

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  1. I was in marbella in 1986/7 when I was 16 and there was a bright round orb in the sky inland from the main road from late afternoon onwards, which everyone saw but noone knew what it was. Speculation after was that it was a satellite but it seemed to be too near …


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