Almería fortress needs urgent repairs

    The ancient monument could pose a risk to visitors, warns the Alcazaba friends’ association

    The area around the crumbling walls has been cordoned off

    By David Jackson


    Parts of the north wall of Almería’s most popular monument, the Alcazaba fortress, fell onto cars parked in the field below last Monday June 20 causing local police to cordon off the area.

    For more than a thousand years the high walled castle has dominated the city of Almería, protecting its residents from attack.

    But now locals may need protecting from the Alcazaba as urgent repairs are required to prevent further destruction to the fragile walls.

    Six large masonry blocks collapsed from atop a wall during high winds in May last year, closing the complex for a week.

    And the Junta is accused of wilfully damaging the monument for a dance show, after supports for a stage were drilled into the fragile walls last weekend.

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