There will always be an England


October 1

I have just thought how the Irish border problem might be solved and give England the freedom to make a good Brexit deal.It is time for England to remember Agincourt, Crecy and Poitiers.
England can be great again; all that needs to be done is get rid of the Irish problem. They are at present like the tail wagging the dog. Besides they voted to remain anyway.
In addition, while England remembers her worth get rid of Scotland. They voted to stay in the EU and do nothing but moan about being neglected. Good riddance. It is time for the English to go it alone without these malcontents.
An afterthought I nearly included Waterloo in the list of battles and remembered Picton . Of course, the Welsh Irish and Scots were there but it was an Englishman who won the Battle.
Dear Editor please do not publish my name as it will only confirm to those who know me that I have a twisted sense of humour

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