Rubbish on the beach


November 21

Dear Editor,

We were not too pleased after our 20 minute swim in the sea at Mil Palmeras beach a week or two ago.

Swimming amongst plastic pollution was both upsetting and frustrating.

Such a shame that our quick swim resulted in a bag full of plastic rubbish.

There are endless masks lying around on the beach and in the streets too – all of which will probably end up in the sea.

We feel there should be more signs around the beach entry points advising people of the importance of not leaving their rubbish around and the impact of it on the sea and environment.

We picked up endless rubbish on our sea shore walks – but most people just walk by it – probably thinking that they didn’t drop it so why should they pick it up.

People need to be reminded of the importance of not littering the lovely beaches. It really did spoil our beach time seeing all this rubbish.

Kind regards
Mr and Mrs C Clarke

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