Proactivity in the face of climate change related to the field of wine making


Yes, I know, this title looks like that of a University PhD student’s dissertation, but don’t be put off, it should be a fascinating insight into ongoing, behind the scenes investigations with the simple(?) remit of ensuring that we, and future generations, can continue to enjoy the fruits of Vitis Vinifera (the grape species from which comes wine!) – despite the ensuing problems of climate change.
And, I can promise that not all the following sentences will be as lengthy as the first!
Rather than the traditional aluminium foil wrapped bottles, designed to maintain the anonymity of the wines being judged in wine competitions, I thought it charmingly different to see bottles hidden as in the photo here, when judging one competition this year. (Well, ok, some sentences will still be long!). It puts a whole new perspective on the traditional French petit-déjeuner, non?
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