Recognition from Sr Puig


May 20

I read with interest your lead article in this week’s Costa Blanca News and was encouraged to see that the Valencia president Ximo Puig recognises the fundamental importance of the electorate who voted him into office. He believes in representing these people, their lives, their businesses and the tourists who visit the area. He is an elected person who has to defend the viewpoint of his electorate with the unelected Michel Barnier and the bureaucrat from Brussels. They, the “Bureaucrat”, are only interested in the ultimate creation of a European super state within their lifetimes; Ximo is quite rightly more concerned about the welfare of the people who voted for him. He wants to protect amongst many other things the agricultural, ceramic and shoe exports to the UK as well as the welfare of the expat community and of Spanish citizens in the UK. His viewpoints will be reflected by the industrialists and farmers across the EU and in turn the viewpoints of their electorate – if only the bureaucrats will listen.
Brexit is happening – it is the will of the people in the UK.
Another recent article maintained the need for change in the EU, they need to forget their idealistic dreams and listen to the needs of the people – Sr Puig presents an image for the future.

Doug Mills

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