Assurances for British expats in Spain


July 15

Dear Sirs

I refer to a front page article from Costa Blanca News July 10 to the 16th. In this article you stated from ambassador Hugh Elliott and I quote “I want to assure you that all British nationals who are legally resident in Spain by the end of this year will have their rights protected including the right to live and work here and lifelong access to health care for UK state pensioners including those who claim a pension in the future” … It seems after further enquiries in particular applying for residency that this isn’t the case. Would it be possible for your paper to clarify the situation as I’m sure thousands of pensioners will be affected by this advice.

Yours sincerely
Terry Williams

Dear Reader

At the bottom of this page you will find a joint message from the Ambassador and Spanish authorities that gives further assurances on this issue.

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